The only hair towel you need in this life - and the next!

Our eco-friendly towels are guaranteed to resist hair bleach and hair colouring stains. Whatever your hair routine is, Phantom Towels have you covered.


We're Dead Serious About Hair

We’re on a mission to revolutionise the way people colour hair. Whether in the salon or at home - saving time, money, and unnecessary waste from entering the environment in the process.

  • Doesn't stain

    Leaves No Stains

    Our hair towels are impossible to stain with hair bleach or hair colour. Go on… we dare you to try!

  • Larger Size

    One Towel To Rule Them All

    Our microfibre towels are oversized and durable, making them a perfect fit for every head!

  • Dries Fast

    Fast Drying

    Our microfibre towels dry very quickly, so you can wash it and get on with your life.

  • reduce energy cost

    Energy Saver

    Pull Phantom out of the washing machine 90% dry, cutting down drying time and costs dramatically.

  • Reduces single use plastics

    Plastic Killer

    Phantom is ECO - with its larger size and resistance to hair colouring products, single use plastic capes are a thing of the past.

  • Sensitive to natural hair

    Kind To All Hair Textures

    Our microfibre towels gently draw water out of the hair, reducing damaging friction for all hair textures.